Shnuggle Air Beside Sleeper Infant Bassinet

The BEABA by Shnuggle safe and cozy Air Bedside Sleeper Infant Crib allows you and baby to sleep close to each other but without sharing the same bed, helping to grow your bond and giving your baby the reassurances and comfort they need from having you close by. The Air Bedside Sleeper Infant Crib attaches to the parent’s bed and includes a zip down side to provide easy access to baby during the night and to keep them close but safe in their own sleep space. Suitable up to approximately 6 months of age (or when baby starts to roll over, pull up or reaches a weight of 20lb). The Air Bedside Sleeper Infant Crib is designed with breathability at its core. Dual-view mesh sides help maximize airflow as well as being able to keep a watchful eye on baby. The infant crib mattress (included) is 50% more breathable than standard foam mattresses, helping to reduce the risk of baby overheating. The Bedside Sleeper Infant Crib is suitable to about six months old.
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